tds 0.99

Philip Taylor (RHBNC)
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 18:02:05 +0100 (BST)

>> I thought VMS supports foo/bar on the program level?! (Not on the
>> command level, though.) As it's supposed to be POSIX.1 conformant, it
>> must do so.

There's no evidence that it does.  My top level directory
is Chaa:[006]; I have created in it a TeX file, Test.TeX,

	\input unix/insert

I have created a sub-directory [.Unix], and in it I have created
Insert.TeX, containing

	\message {This is Insert.TeX, from Chaa:[006.Insert]}

I then (whilst in my top-level) directory, typed

	$ TeX Test

to which TeX responds:

Please type another input file name: 

to which I respond


at which point TeX finds the file...

>> Or did I misunderstand DEC announcements?

One cannot know!

I haven't seen Sebastian's message, but I would not support the idea of mapping
Unix filespecs to VMS equivalents within VMS TeX; I would far sooner propose
that we adopt the `file://...' URL as _the_ standard portable file specifier
within the TeX world, with the hope that, before long, intrinsic support for
URLs will become a feature of all operating systems and that we can therefore
hope to allow other URLs from within TeX within the forseeable future. 

					** Phil.