tds 0.99

Ulrik Vieth
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 11:29:48 +0100

Hi Karl et al.

1. Some technical points:

- if you are now using the LaTeX document for future changes, you might 
  as well do some minor cleanups of unneccessary stuff introduced by
  Norm's converter.  In particular, I think you can remove all the 
  \protect's in front of \MF and \BibTeX since Joachim's macros from 
  tdsguide.cls take care of protecting them.

- concerning .info and .html versions:  What about trying to convert 
  the LaTeX document to Texinfo with a simple sed-script or something
  like that.  I guess that would be much easier than trying to go the
  way via SGML.

2. Concerning the contents:

I don't quite remember the outcome of our previous discussion about 
this, but didn't we decide to move /tex/mft to the top-level.
I'm just asking this because I came across mft when trying to fix
the man pages in texk-6.94.  (More on that in a separate message.)
If we do move the mft directory, now would be a good time to 
introduce another search path variable for MFTINPUTS in kpathsea
before web2c-7.0/kpathsea-3.0 goes public.  (If we move mft but
continue to use TEXINPUTS as the search path, one would have to
add texmf/mft to TEXINPUTS which really seems odd, especially 
since TeX itself would never need to look into texmf/mft.