tds 0.99

Sebastian Rahtz
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 14:27:32 +0100

 > One meta-question -- I think having this available in info (and html?)
 > formats in the end would be very useful. I know I'd find it useful. But
 > we can do a better job typesetting in latex than texinfo. I don't
 > suppose anyone can wave a magic wand to transform the latex input into
 > texinfo? I looked at Norm's SGML input, etc., but wasn't enthused at the
 > prospect of hacking my own SGML pseudo-translator :-).
hohohoho. i'd say try going to html with latex2html, but expect to
clean it up by hand. i don't mind doing this when the thing is
finished. i'll even volunteer to do the nice PDF version :-}

 > Also, I think it'd be nice if the latex input was actually ``good''
 > latex input -- used references correctly, etc. Sigh. But for now, I left
 > that alone, trying to keep the diffs minimal.
any of us can do that later, i'd say