nov 15 tds...

K. Berry
Wed, 22 Nov 1995 10:25:24 -0500

    i do think Karl's para *is* giving the wrong message, i must say.

barbara, Michel, Sebastian -- could you or whoever will work on this for
TUGboat remove that text for publication, then? I did not want to
include anything contentious. I'd rather say nothing.

The text in question being what I posted the other day:

We encourage package authors to document (or, preferably, automate) how
the files should be moved from their distribution structure into the
\abbr{TDS} structure.  It is also useful for package authors to provide
an automated way to remove old versions (e.g., \path|make uninstall|).

I'm taking 0.999 off my ftp server now until I have a moment to
regenerate it without that text.