nov 15 tds...

K. Berry
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 15:08:39 -0500

I personally think supplying a make install or VMS DCL script or
whatever is only to the good. Maybe it doesn't help everyone, but at
least it helps some people.

I added this text to the new version, that will hopefully become 0.999
by the end of the day. Can it stand, or should I remove it?  This text
isn't requiring anything of anyone. It's mostly deploring the current
situation (by implication).

    We encourage package authors to document (or,) preferably, automate) how
    the files should be moved from their distribution structure into the
    \abbr{TDS} structure.  It is also useful} for package authors to provide
    an automated way to remove old versions (e.g., \path|make uninstall|).)