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Joachim Schrod
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 20:09:30 +0100 (MEZ)

David wrote:
>     1) Try to get anyone who is writing to the new TDS to provide a
>     "remove" script for each platform on which the package can exist.
> > I know I wrote text to suggest this, but it seems to have
> > disappeared. Maybe it was in the now-defunct Martian section. Anyway,
> > I'll put it back.
> I do not see how it is reasonable to ask that package authors supply
> such scripts.

I agree fully with David about the impossibility to supply packaging
scripts. The person who proposed that works obviously in a very
homogenous environment, or he would know about these problems.

Nevertheless -- we might not want to give up so early. While we
cannot write the script itself, we can propose a standard way to
describe the contents of a package. That description can be read by
scripts that install or deinstall packages, such scripts need to be
supplied by the respective user community.

I write this because we're thus back on a discussion that came up in
the context of a TDS registry. -- And I waited long for reactions to
my proposal for such a description. The problem: I think currently
that creating such scripts is probably useless work; if even the
folks on this discussion list aren't much interested, the general
developer community won't use it.

Bottom line, while I might not want to give up, it seems to be the
best thing to do. ;)

'nough musings, back to work...


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