nov 15 tds...

K. Berry
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 12:15:26 -0500

    1) All my previous comments still apply.

You mean from June? We may not have agreed on all the changes you
proposed, but we did try to add further text where possible. I can't
find my reply to that message, but I know I wrote one. Anyway, I'll
address that below.

    1) Try to get anyone who is writing to the new TDS to provide a
    "remove" script for each platform on which the package can exist.

I know I wrote text to suggest this, but it seems to have
disappeared. Maybe it was in the now-defunct Martian section. Anyway,
I'll put it back.

Back to your June mail:

   - On your naming of the TeX Root  as texmf, I find your reasoning

Sorry you disagree. We still find `texmf' preferable to `tex' for the
reasons stated.

    - Comments on the TeX Root also apply to the change from 'inputs' to
    'tex'. What was wrong with 'inputs' or its alternate 'macros'? 

Why should `tex' be a special case? Every program has `inputs' and many
have `macros'.

    prefer to have a package in just one area, but such is life. Having

If there had been *any* TeX installations which had attempted to keep
packages together, it might have changed what we did. As it is, we felt
that it was extremely undesirable to specify something which had never
been implemented.