tex directory structure draft version 0.104 available

K. Berry TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 19:30:34 -0500

    in TUGboat, I assume that it will be 1.0 and no `draft' any more.

Actually, I had thought it would be desirable to keep the version
printed in TUGboat as a ``draft'', lest people who have not yet had a
chance to comment or seen it believe a standard has been promulgated
without any opportunity for non-electronic input. I realize this means
1.0 will most likely never be published in TUGboat, but I'm not sure
that's a significant drawback.

Thus, my current plan is to make the version in TUGboat be 0.105,
not 1.0. (Or perhaps 0.999, for historical purposes :-)

If people think this is flawed, and it would be better to publish 1.0 in
TUGboat, I don't have any big objection. Speak up.

P.S. No comments received so far.

P.P.S. The single most important page in that thing is the summary
page. I'd ask (plead) that everyone read this page carefully, if nothing
else, and find out what is missing, what is wrong, what should be changed.
I just noticed in the closing minutes of 0.104 that `images' was missing ...