hypertext specials

David Carlisle TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Mon, 13 Nov 95 10:18:10 GMT

  > Should we put hypertext specials into tds.dvi?
> which, the HyperTeX ones?

  > Is there any downside?
> sometimes. depends on the TDS macros, and which macro package you use
> to interface to hypertex. in the worst case, you can get a different
> behaviour when a \special occurs and when it doesnt. David can provide
> chapter and verse on this, he had an example where a color special had
> some side effect which Lamport was arguing about

True, but probably hypertex specials are less troublesome than colour
ones in this regard as they are more likely to be in horizontal mode

Anyway for a particular document like this you can just look what
happens, if the spacing does not change, there is no need to worry
about it.

The main problem with adding such specials in a public document is
likely to be a flood of `reports' with problems with previewing the
thing. xdvi -hushspecials does not seem to be too well known....