minor editorial comments

K. Berry TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 18:06:30 -0500

    It might not be a good idea to use |gsftopk| as an example for mode
    before it is explained (in the next paragraph) that program names 
    are used as such.  Simply |cx| and |ljfour| should be enough here.

I disagree. I intentionally added |gsftopk| to point out that it was not
just device names, putting people on their guard that all may not be
what they think.

    I think the traditional way for denoting MFT is uppercase typewriter type 
    just like INITEX, etc. (see mft.web).  Of course, that would be inconsistent

INITEX isn't an application that users run in the same sense as MFT, so
the inconsistency seems less glaring there.

No one uses italics to refer to program names, anyway. I never liked
that. Would anyone mind if we just drop the typographic distinction and
used roman?

    Might there be a better example for tex/<format>/misc?  I would have
    put webmac.tex into tex/plain/base, since it's distributed together
    with Plain in Knuth's tex95.tar.gz/dist/lib.

I was under the impression that the base/ directory was for those files
which were part of the basic format. webmac.tex has nothing to do with
the Plain format.

Other things in dist/lib don't go in tex/plain/base, either -- null.tex
(surely the prototypical generic/misc file?), story.tex,
testfont.tex. Or do you want to argue that all those things should go in
tex/plain/base, and waits.mf, manfnt.mf, io.mf, expr.mf, [rz]test.mf,
etc., go in mf/plain/base as well?

    P.S. Why does it always take so long to write up this feedback after
    marking it on paper?

I too found that really annoying (when sending feedback to Norm).
One reason I was happy to take over editorial chores :-).
Maybe I should find some fax software (anyone of any?) and you could fax
your pages to me ... though that might cost $.

    P.S. I'm not quite sure about putting this WWW address in the draft
    and ultimately having it published in TUGboat.  I'm afraid that 
    our server administrator might not like it.

I've left it out. Let me know if I can put it in.
Also, you need a link for the presumably-extant tds9511 file.

Thanks for all the other comments, I applied them.