TWG-TDS 0.101: the texmf root

K. Berry
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 18:05:35 -0500

    If there is more than one texmf directory, the directories should be
    treated for search purposes as though they were logically merged.  That

We can't require this in the TDS. Being able to search one tree is hard
enough; logically merging trees is something beyond all current (and
future, as far as I know) implementations. It may make sense, but it's
not practical.

Compatibility with LFSS is achieved simply by putting the writable
directories in /var and using a symlink. Or perhaps the whole tree
should be in /var, but that's not up to us.

I've talked with Daniel Quinlan about this (thanks for pointing out the
LFSS stuff and his address to me, Paul), and I think we're all on the
same wavelength. The next LFSS draft may clarify this a bit from their
point of view.

The current draft talks about read-only vs. writable directories at more
length than the public draft. I'll add some more explicit discussion of
this proposal.