mail archives

Ulrik Vieth
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 14:17:47 +0100

Since I have been busy with `real work' I haven't caught up yet, 
but I've seen some enquiries about mail archives, so I've decided 
to bring my archives in shape and make it available.

Since we don't run an anoynmous FTP server here, I can only offer
access via WWW, but that should be better than nothing, I hope.

The address is:

This archive includes the following files:

  tds9405.txt.gz ... tds9502.txt.gz   (copies from

  tds9503-arch.gz    (my best attempt at an archive for March 1995
		     combined from various downloading attempts
                     before I got added to the mailing list)
  tds9503-mail.gz .. tds9510-mail.gz  (my own mail archives)
Due to mail problems I sometimes got duplicates or delayed messages 
out of sequence. I'm not completely sure whether I have managed to 
sort this out in the archive files in all cases, but that's life!


P.S. I'm not quite sure about putting this WWW address in the draft
and ultimately having it published in TUGboat.  I'm afraid that 
our server administrator might not like it.