Opening a can of worms

Joachim Schrod
Wed, 1 Nov 1995 22:51:52 +0100 (MEZ)

Hi, don't throw stones -- but...

Reading the draft after some weeks anew, I realized that the section
on file names is not my image of our discussion. In particular, it
concerns file name length. (Everything below is IMO, but not IMHO.)

As long as one maintains a TeX system that runs on a real operating
system, one must not be hindered to install files with their real
names. I.e., if there is the file cwebparts.sty, one should not
require that this file is stored as cwebpart.sty or under any other
name. It might be necessary, and we must hint to that portability
problem -- especially for those institutions who want to use an
installation on a crippled platform, or want to create a CD-ROM. But
we should not require it.

I'm fine with the requirement for short directory names. (Well, not
fine -- I'm never fine with 8 chars restriction -- but you'll
understand. :)

Hope to get some feedback on this,


PS: Shouldn't it read `must not' instead of `may not' in the first
two items in section 2.2.2?

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