[tldoc] Request for uninstallation guide

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri May 7 22:43:05 CEST 2021

Hi Cyrus,

    Subject: [tldoc] Request for uninstallation guide

Ok, I added a short section about it.
The basic answer is "tlmgr uninstall --all", although (as you pointed
out) this does not undo the post-install actions.

Thanks for the suggestion,

\subsection{Uninstalling \TL}

To uninstall \TL\ (after a successful installation):

> \Ucom{tlmgr uninstall --all}

You will be asked for confirmation, else nothing will be done.
(Without \code{-{}-all}, the \code{uninstall} action is used to remove
individual packages.)

This does not remove user-specific directories, namely (see also

\item [TEXMFCONFIG] This is intended for user configuration changes. 
If you want to preserve them, be sure you know how to recreate them
before removing.

\item [TEXMFVAR] This is intended to store automatically-generated
runtime data, such as local format files. Unless you've used it for
other purposes, it should be safe to remove.

\item[TEXMFHOME] Contains only files you yourself installed, typically
those not available in the distributions. Unless you are completely
stopping using \TeX, or want to start over from scratch, you probably
don't want to remove this.


\noindent You can find the directory paths for these variables by
running \code{kpsewhich -var-value=\ttvar{var}}.

This \prog{tlmgr} uninstallation also does not undo post-installation
actions, such as \envname{PATH} changes in your shell initialization
files and system access to the fonts in \TL\ (see

On Windows, uninstallation can be done through the \GUI; see

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