[tldoc] translations for TL21

朝倉卓人 tkt.asakura at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 05:34:29 CET 2021

Hi Karl,

I will do for Japanese :)


> On Feb 7, 2021, at 7:37, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:
> Hello TeX Live translators and all.
> First, if you handled the translation last year, please tell me if
> you'll be able to do it again this year. If not, no problem of course,
> I'd just like to know so we can try to find other volunteers.
> When we start the pretest for TL21, we're thinking that, for the first
> time, we will also enable translations for messages in tlmgr and
> install-tl. We'll start with just a few messages, that also show up in
> the GUI front-ends, to make sure there aren't any unexpected problems.
> Question: is the current simple procedure for handling translation
> updates sufficient? That is, you pull the messages.pot file from svn or
> rsync or the web, and then email new translations to this list or commit
> yourself.
> This is fine as far as I'm concerned, but if there's a desire to have a
> fancier mechanism, presumably web-based, we could discuss it. However: I
> don't much care for weblate and its constant pushing of its paid
> service, and the original translationproject.org might be too
> rigorous/Unixy of a process. I haven't looked into alternatives.
> Anyway, I hope to have the main TL manual ready for translation updates
> by early March or so. --thanks, karl.

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