[tldoc] tl2020 manual translations

Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 4 15:25:19 CET 2020

Le 03/03/20 à 15h30, Karl Berry a écrit :

>     \url{https://texfaq.org/FAQ-askquestion}
> Right. I updated this and several of the other urls, thanks for doing
> all that checking.

You're welcome.

> I didn't update them all. For me (more of my recalcitrant ways), just
> because url x redirects to urk y doesn't mean it's desirable to
> enshrine y in print (especially if it is longer). I think the fact
> that the org felt the original url was important enough to preserve
> a redirect in fact makes it more likely for the original url to work
> in the future than the new. My basic goal is always to use urls that
> seem to be the most future-proof. Lots of gray area there, of course.

Indeed: I have exactly the opposite opinion! :)

>   Are "user" versus "usr" on purpose or is it a typo?
> Typo.


>   \hspace*{2em}\texttt{\var{variable}[.\var{progname}] [=] \var{value}}
>   doesn't result in monospaced font code.
> The metavariables aren't supposed to be in typewriter. The only literal
> characters are the period and the equals.

Indeed, sorry. That's the "global" \texttt above which confused me.

> I changed the brackets to be in roman, since you pointed out the
> discrepancy :).


> texlive-en.tex (and .pdf and .html) updated. There will a couple of
> other non-related fixes as well.


Today extra remark: line 3800, "For eup\TeX only" should be "For eup\TeX\ only".

> Thanks again.

You're welcome.

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