[tldoc] tl2020 manual translations

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Mar 3 23:30:03 CET 2020


Right. I updated this and several of the other urls, thanks for doing
all that checking. I didn't update them all. For me (more of my
recalcitrant ways), just because url x redirects to urk y doesn't mean
it's desirable to enshrine y in print (especially if it is longer). I
think the fact that the org felt the original url was important enough
to preserve a redirect in fact makes it more likely for the original url
to work in the future than the new. My basic goal is always to use urls
that seem to be the most future-proof. Lots of gray area there, of course.

  Are "user" versus "usr" on purpose or is it a typo?


  \hspace*{2em}\texttt{\var{variable}[.\var{progname}] [=] \var{value}}
  doesn't result in monospaced font code.

The metavariables aren't supposed to be in typewriter. The only literal
characters are the period and the equals. I changed the brackets to be
in roman, since you pointed out the discrepancy :).

texlive-en.tex (and .pdf and .html) updated. There will a couple of
other non-related fixes as well. Thanks again. -k

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