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Zofia Walczak zofia.walczak at wmii.uni.lodz.pl
Sat Mar 30 11:42:14 CET 2019

Thank you Karl for explanation. I hope, I understand the way how it is produced.

Anyway, on my computer something  is going wrong, because of the warning

\RequirePackage[tex4ht]{hyperref}  \hyperlinkfileprefix{} during compilation.
I have to read tex4ht manual, may be I will know why.

Thank you once again for compiling Polish translation to html. I checked, your html file is ok, my is not (I added new pictures to texlive-common (2018)).

Thank you once again,


Od: Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org>
Wysłane: piątek, 29 marca 2019 22:36
Do: Zofia Walczak
DW: tldoc at tug.org
Temat: Re: ODP: [tldoc] The TeXLive Guide 2019 - Polish translation

    What does it mean "They refer to ./texlive-common/*.png"? Where it
    has to be?

I'm sorry, I left out a crucial "." -- relative to the texlive-pl
directory, the png files are in ../texlive-common/*.png in the TL
repository, and in TL installations.

That is, there is a directory texlive-common which is a sibling to
texlive-en, texlive-pl, etc., and the images are there, shared between
all (if not overridden by a particular language).

    When I open your attached html file I did not see pictures 😞

Yes, that would be normal. HTML files are not self-contained.

    It makes me nervous 😞

It's good to be cautious :).

Starting from the base of a texlive installation (such as
c:\texlive\pretest), the path is texmf-dist/doc/texlive/texlive-common/

Thus if you put one of our new texlive-pl.html files in, say,
and then visit it in a browser, you should see the images.
This is what I did to test.

*But* it has to be a TL pretest installation -- many of the image names
have changed, so a TL18 installation won't work right.

Hope this makes some kind of sense ... --thanks, karl.
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