[tldoc] ODP: The TeXLive Guide 2019 - Polish translation

Zofia Walczak zofia.walczak at wmii.uni.lodz.pl
Fri Mar 29 13:32:56 CET 2019

Hi Karl,

If after your compilation images came out, that's great. In my computer they didn't.

What does it mean "They refer to ./texlive-common/*.png"? Where it has to be? I'm using Windows.

When I open your attached html file I did not see pictures 😞

I will be grateful if you help me solve this problem. It makes me nervous 😞



Od: Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org>
Wysłane: czwartek, 28 marca 2019 22:42:30
Do: Zofia Walczak
DW: tldoc at tug.org
Temat: Re: [tldoc] The TeXLive Guide 2019 - Polish translation

Hi Zofia - I ran the texlive-pl.tex you just sent me through htlatex
("make html"), and the images came out ok. They refer to
./texlive-common/*.png. Maybe you just didn't have a copy of that
directory in the right place?

If you can send me the .html file you got, I'll compare. Mine is
attached if you want to compare too :).

I committed the other files you sent me (po, readme).

Thanks for all,

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