[tldoc] viewvc shows latest changes only when a new browser window is opened

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Mar 20 00:02:12 CET 2019

Hi Carlos,

    In both instances - by using F5 (soft refresh) or Shift+F5 (hard refresh) -
    while bringing up the web interface up to date, failed.

I don't have your browser and don't really understand what you were
doing, but nevertheless, I believe this all a function of what your
browser (or system cache, or something) is doing. For instance, if I am
on a viewvc url, say most recently,
and make a commit to that file, and then hit "Reload" in my browser
(seamonkey on centos in this case, though I surmise any normal Unixish
browser would be the same), the change appears right away, as expected.

Neither viewvc, nor tug's web server, have any way to know or care
whether you are refreshing in an existing window or starting a new
window. Only your system knows that. -k

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