[tldoc] tl manual translations

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Mar 13 22:08:07 CET 2019

Hi Denis,

    "for a just plain and \LaTeX" œôöò "for just plain and \LaTeX"?

Right. Fixed (in r50376, including below changes too).

    - Still some "TL" instead of "\TL{}".

It's intentional, for brevity (reads better in English). If it's a
problem for some reason, I can reword.

    - Still some "DVI" instead of "\dvi{}".

They are the same, so it doesn't matter.

    - "new variable \code{TEXMFDOTDIR} instead of hardwired \code{.}": what
      means "hardwired" here: is it similar to "hardcoded"?

Yes. I changed it to "hard-coded" (doesn't matter in English). The
hyphen is somehow better in this context in English, but probably not so
much in other languages.

    BTW, could you tell me what was the version of `texlive-en.tex' used for
    official TL 2018 in the following ones:

The easiest way to get the TL18 release version of texlive-en.tex is, as
I said, as the archive/live-2018.tex file (I copy it after each release)
instead of plowing through revisions of texlive-en.tex.

But no matter, the answer to your question is r47434, that is,

Thanks for all,

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