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Reinhard, thank you very much for all the info and your time! I'll
incorporate all your corrections into TL2017 docs. Just a few comments.

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>   Петер Брајтенлонер [Peter Breitenlohner]
> This is definitely a great idea.

This is how foreign names should be written according to the official
orthography in Serbian. And it have ~100 pages about recommended
transcriptions of foreign names.

> Similarly, the name of Hans Hagen is correct in the Serbian
> translation (Ханс Хахен) but the Russian translation looks wrong
> (Ханс Хаген), at least if we prefer transcriptions.

In Serbian, according to official orthography, the pronouncement is
always a priority (with very few exceptions, where there is a wrong,
but old and very widespread form, such as Распућин [correct:

In Russian they don't seem to have a correct pronunciation as a
priority: Гегель (and not Хэгэл or at least Хегел), Гуссерль
(not Хуссэрл/Хуссерл...), Гейзенберг (not Хайзенберг), Ганс (not Ханс),
Кентуки (not Кэнтаки)...

> As far as Dutch is concerned, at TUG-2005 I've seen that Gerben was on
> the list of particpants but I didn't know him.  So I asked Hans Hagen
> "Who is Гербен?  Hans pointed to him and said "This is Хербен".


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