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Index: texlive-en.tex
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+++ texlive-en.tex	(revision 40949)
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
 \GNU/Linux, \MacOSX, and Cygwin.  The included sources can be compiled
 on platforms for which we do not provide binaries.
-As to Windows: Windows XP and later are supported.  Windows~2000
+As to Windows: Windows Vista and later are supported.  Windows~XP and 2000
 will probably still mostly work.  There are no special 64-bit
 executables for Windows, but the 32-bit executables should run on 64-bit
@@ -1401,14 +1401,20 @@
 By the same token, you can also install \TL{} locally and then move
 the entire hierarchy afterwards to a network location.
-For Windows, a sample network installation script named
-\filename{w32client} can be downloaded through
-\url{http://tug.org/texlive/w32client.html}.  It creates settings and
-menu shortcuts for using an existing \TL{} installation on a LAN.
-It also registers an uninstaller \filename{w32unclient}, available
-in the same zip file.  See the web page for more information.
+For Windows, a launcher \filename{tlaunch} is available at
+\url{http://tug.org/texlive/w32client.html}. Its main window
+contains menu entries and buttons for various \TeX-related
+programs and documentation.
+On first use, it modifies the searchpath for \TL\ and creates some
+file associations. It also creates a Start menu entry to undo these
+configurations, in addition to such an entry in the launcher menu.
+All this is set up in an ini file. You can add yourself entries for
+\emph{e.g.} SumatraPDF or some \LaTeX-editor.  See the web page
+above for more information.
 \subsection{Portable (\USB{}) installations}
@@ -1637,7 +1643,11 @@
 \item[Automatic path adjustment.] No manual configuration steps are required.
 \item[Uninstaller.] The installer creates an entry under `Add/Remove
   Programs' for \TL. The uninstall tab of the \TeX\ Live Manager \GUI\
-  refers to this.
+  refers to this. For a single-user install, the installer also
+  creates an uninstall entry under the Start menu.
+\item[Write-protect.] For an admin install, the \TL\ directories are
+  write-protected, at least if \TL\ is installed on a normal
+  NTFS-formatted non-removable disk.
 \subsection{Additional software included on Windows}
@@ -1754,15 +1764,6 @@
 you want to run usually gives you a choice `Run as administrator'.
-\subsubsection{Protecting the \TL{} directory}
-An admin install does \emph{not} protect the \TL{} directory from
-tampering by regular users. This will have to be done in a separate
-step by setting a suitable ACL (Access Control List) for the
-directory. To this end, check out the \filename{icacls} Windows
-command-line utility.
 \subsection{Increasing maximum memory on Windows and Cygwin}
@@ -2783,11 +2784,11 @@
 Translators of this manual:
+Denis Bitouzé (French),
 Carlos Enriquez Figueras (Spanish),
 Jjgod Jiang, Jinsong Zhao, Yue Wang, \& Helin Gai (Chinese),
 Nikola Le\v{c}i\'c (Serbian),
 Marco Pallante (Italian),
-Manuel P\'egouri\'e-Gonnard (French),
 Petr Sojka \& Jan Busa (Czech\slash Slovak),
 Boris Veytsman (Russian),
 Staszek Wawrykiewicz (Polish),

Sorry if this has inconvenienced any of you.

Siep Kroonenberg

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