[tldoc] Problems in devnag.1

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Mon Feb 29 12:35:27 CET 2016

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                             Eric S. Raymond
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Problems with devnag.1:

Ambiguous or invalid backslash.  This doesn't cause groff a problem.
but it confuses doclifter and may confuse older troff implementations.

--- devnag.1-unpatched	2012-07-06 10:48:31.946717382 -0400
+++ devnag.1	2012-07-06 10:49:24.874716396 -0400
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
 .B devnag
 is a preprocessor that reads transliterated Devanagari input delimited by
-\dn and converts it into a form with which TeX is familiar.
+\\dn and converts it into a form with which TeX is familiar.
 The preprocessor
 handles the details of character placement such as the alignment of

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