[tldoc] new tl doc section

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue May 5 23:37:49 CEST 2015

In texlive-en.tex, I belatedly updated the platform build test and added
a new Windows section from Siep.  I hope these will be the final
changes.  Translators, please do your thing!


--- texlive-en.tex	(revision 37202)
+++ texlive-en.tex	(working copy)
@@ -1751,6 +1751,16 @@
 administrator. Instead, right-clicking on the program or shortcut that
 you want to run usually gives you a choice `Run as administrator'.
+\subsubsection{Protecting the \TL{} directory}
+An admin install does \emph{not} protect the \TL{} directory from
+tampering by regular users. This will have to be done in a separate
+step by setting a suitable \acro{ACL} (Access Control List) for the
+directory. To this end, check out the \filename{icacls} Windows
+command-line utility.
 \subsection{Increasing maximum memory on Windows and Cygwin}
@@ -2751,7 +2761,6 @@
 Ettore Aldrovandi (\pkgname{i386-solaris}, \pkgname{x86\_64-solaris}),
 Marc Baudoin (\pkgname{amd64-netbsd}, \pkgname{i386-netbsd}),
 Karl Berry (\pkgname{i386-linux}),
-Alan Braslau (\pkgname{amd64-kfreebsd}, \pkgname{i386-kfreebsd}),
 Peter Breitenlohner (\pkgname{x86\_64-linux}),
 Ken Brown (\pkgname{i386-cygwin}, \pkgname{x86\_64-cygwin}),
 Simon Dales (\pkgname{armhf-linux}),

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