[tldoc] TeX Live doc updates?

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Mon May 13 09:35:00 CEST 2013

On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 12:19 AM, Karl Berry wrote:
> Meanwhile, two other fronts:
> - For those translating tlmgr msgs with gettext: I don't foresee any
> change there, except whatever problems you yourselves might find :).
> So please don't hesitate to update those.

I'm just curious: Is the image for TL 2013 bigger than for TL 2012  by
any chance or is it just that I wasn't able to load it last year and
I'm only spotting the problem now? I'm asking because the GUI
installer doesn't fit on the screen of my 13" MacBook with 800 pixels
height (png is 860 + there is border for global menu and top of
application). This means that there is "ugly"/useless blank space on
top of installer and one almost needs to scroll down to be able to see
everything (ok, scrolling is not necessary yet, because everything
below is just blank space, but ...).

I thought I had translations ready, but since the two menus (languages
and other collections) were merged, I need to change a bunch of

I also have a tiny comment that might influence those doing the
screenshots. I find the new menu for selecting collections totally
confusing. It looks as if someone would use a random function to sort
the entries. This used to be the case with schemes, but then the first
few schemes were sorted according to size (which is *a lot* better).
It also used to be the case with languages, but then Norbert added
sorting according to the localized language names. For the list of all
collections I don't have any better suggestions but keeping languages
together (which is already the case because collection-lang* stick
together, but it might be better to put them all at the end, not in
the middle) and possibly applying some manual sorting to the rest of

For example, there is "latex", "latexextra", "latexrecommended", but
it would be better to have "latexrecommended" before "latexextra", but
other packages are completely mixed up and without any sensible order
at all (apart from sorting official names that users don't see).


PS: I also suggest to rename

name collection-context
shortdesc ConTeXt format

into "ConTeXt with packages" or something similar to make it more
consistent with, say, collection-xetex.

This doesn't affect GUI, but for the sake of "tlmgr install *" or
other linux distributions with package names after collections, I
would also suggest renaming "langeuro" into "langeuropean" (unless
that's prohibitively long). "langeuro" sounds like "langusd". Some
might confuse it with "languages spoken in countries using EUR as the
currency ;)"

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