[tldoc] TeX Live doc updates?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon May 13 00:19:46 CEST 2013

    I am :)


    Should we start now, or wait for other changes?

I thought it was ready, but given Siep's mail, wait for me to apply
that.  I'll send another message very soon, hopefully later today.

Meanwhile, two other fronts:
- For those translating tlmgr msgs with gettext: I don't foresee any
change there, except whatever problems you yourselves might find :).
So please don't hesitate to update those.

- This year, I had to make small changes to the top-level readme.en.html
and README.EN for the texmf/texmf-dist stuff.  Again, I plan and expect
no further changes to those unless you folks yourselves find problems,
so please go ahead with those too.


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