[tldoc] poedit

Peter Breitenlohner peb at mppmu.mpg.de
Tue May 15 13:33:30 CEST 2012

On Mon, 14 May 2012, Mojca Miklavec wrote:

> some time ago there was a discussion about Poedit's "bad behaviour"
> regarding line breaking. The bug was fixed months ago, but there was
> no official release since then. I tried to build it myself, but after
> running ./bootstrap (https://github.com/vslavik/poedit) I'm stuck with
> the messages below. ...

Hi Mojca,

> configure.ac:143: warning: AC_LANG_CONFTEST: no AC_LANG_SOURCE call
> detected in body
> ../../lib/autoconf/lang.m4:193: AC_LANG_CONFTEST is expanded from...
> ../../lib/autoconf/general.m4:2661: _AC_LINK_IFELSE is expanded from...
> ../../lib/autoconf/general.m4:2678: AC_LINK_IFELSE is expanded from...

these are just warnings

> ./bootstrap: line 6: bakefile_gen: command not found

obviously you have to install bakefile_gen (probably Windows only) ...

> asciidoc -d manpage -f man_asciidoc.conf -b docbook -o - poedit_man.txt \
> 		| xsltproc -o poedit.1.xml man_fix.xsl -
> /bin/sh: asciidoc: command not found

... and asciidoc ...

> make: png2icns: No such file or directory

... and png2icns, and lateron there is a request for Boost etc.  These
requirements are listed in the README.


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