[tldoc] New strings for translation - ambiguous meaning

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 05:04:31 CET 2012


I'm doing translation of two new strings in ru.po:
"After install, use CTAN for package updates"
"Graphics TeX and outline font utilities".

I think the first is a bit ambiguous, let me illustrate on example of
movie9 package (sigh), it is on CTAN but not in TeX Live. May be
it is worth to change it to something like that

"After install, use TeX Live repository for package updates"

but I don't know where to put "CTAN" here (I want to say that "TeX Live
[repository]" \neq "CTAN" in sense 'found on CTAN' is not the same as
'found in TeX Live').

I didn't check where the second message appears, may be this message is
for check box, but still I don't know how to translate "Graphics TeX"
part. For example, TeX Live provides programs asymptote and mpost
(metapost) which may be used standalone (without tex), as well as
outline font utilities. On the other hand there are systems like pstricks
and tikz that are useless without tex. Could you clarify what "Graphics
TeX..." part means here? (imho, if it is with 'outline font utilities'
it means for asymptote and mpost.)

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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