[tldoc] request for documentation for unattended install

Ana Nelson nelson.ana at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 06:19:20 CET 2012


I recently had a very frustrating experience trying to write a script
to install texlive on a custom AMI which I use to automate
documentation builds for dexy (http://dexy.it). As a result, I would
like to suggest some tweaks to the texlive installation documents to
make it more obvious how to do an unattended default install.

I would like to suggest that on this page:

a section be added under the 'GUI installer' section along these lines:

Unattended Install

If you would like to do an unattended install of the full Texlive
without any prompting, e.g. if you are writing an automated script to
install Texlive, then you need to pass the name of a texlive profile
file to --profile. You can copy a texlive.profile file from another
installation if you have one, or you can simply create a blank file
and pass this file's name to --profile. For information on the
--profile installer option, run install-tl --help, or see the
install-tl documentation page.

Also on this page:

I would suggest some modifications to the 2nd paragraph under
--profile (I fixed an apparent typo 'of rexample' and added another
sentence at the end):

A profile file contains all the values needed to perform an
installation. After a normal installation has finished, a profile for
that exact installation is written to the file
DEST/tlpkg/texlive.profile. That file can be given as the argument to
-profile to redo the exact same installation on a different system,
for example. Alternatively, you can create a custom profile by
starting from a generated one and changing values. You can also create
a blank file and defaults will be used, and the installation will
proceed without any user prompting.

Thanks for your consideration.

Ana Nelson

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