[tldoc] New translation for TL: Brazilian Portuguese (pt.po)

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Feb 13 01:31:40 CET 2012

Hi Paulo,

On Fr, 10 Feb 2012, Paulo Roberto Massa Cereda wrote:
> I've translated all the TeX Live 2011 messages to Brazilian
> Portuguese. I hope it could be incorporated to the official release in
> order to provide localized content to the TeX users in the
> Portuguese-speaking countries.

Thanks ... but ....  you made a *BIG*BIG* error, so it is unusable now!?!?!

Did you do this by hand?

A quick guide: Looking into a *NORMAL* .po file, for example
the one for German de.po:

#: tlpkg/installer/install-menu-wizard.pl:476
#: tlpkg/installer/install-menu-perltk.pl:1052
msgid "disk space required:"
msgstr "benötigter Festplattenplatz:"

Here you see that the 
is the English string, and that *should*not*be*changed!!!
And the respective translation is in 

Now, in pt_br.po we have:
#: tlpkg/installer/install-menu-wizard.pl:476
#: tlpkg/installer/install-menu-perltk.pl:1052
msgid "espaço do disco exigido:"
msgstr ""

which means that we will never find that translation, it cannot work ...

I am not sure if *I* have time soon to fix that, but one would have
to compare the line numbers and insert the original strings again.

Karl, do you have *ANY* idea???

BTW, Karl, please *RESCUE* the pt_br.po file before tonights run of
tl-update-messages, it will probabbly be completely messed up.

Well, there we go.

> That said, I must point out that there are some subtle differences
> between pt_PT (European) and pt_BR (Brazilian). I tried my best to

See other message I am writing in a minute.

Best wishes

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