[tldoc] using the translations

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Nov 24 04:23:50 CET 2011

HI Thiago,

thanks for the file.

On Mi, 23 Nov 2011, Thiago de Melo wrote:
> 1. I updated the .po file a little bit. So I am sending here the file
> pt-br.po (renamed from pt_br.po later sent), according to the naming
> used on the other .po files in the translations directory. So, please,
> host the .po file for other users.

Why do you name it pt-br.po, we need it as pt_br.po. Anyway, I have 
put it into the translation directory so it should be ready with
todays build.

> 2. Well, about the use of the translations, I am using Fedora in
> Portuguese (all my menus and items are in Portuguese) and I installed
> texlive with complete scheme but only with 2 languages support, namely
> Portuguese and English.
> Should I remove the English language? (I guess that this would affect
> the hyphenation!)

That are two different things. The one is support for hyphenations
in the tex engines, the other thing is support for tranlation of
tlmgr and installer.

You don't need to remove anything.

Best wishes

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