[tldoc] Translating with Poedit & git/svn

Anh K. Huynh kyanh at viettug.org
Sun Jun 19 02:00:07 CEST 2011


On Sat, 18 Jun 2011 22:01:54 GMT
karl at freefriends.org (Karl Berry) wrote:

> 1) It's fine to send me (or better, this list) any .po you want
> committed. It's not a significant burden to do a commit now and
> then.

Thank you. I's just afraid of annoying you and the team ...

> 2) I'm also happy to give you (or any translator) commit rights to
> TL's svn if you'd rather do it directly.

That's very nice. I like that :) Please set up an account for me, and provide me the details/policies so that I won't break your system.

>     I see there is a TeXLive documents (in English) 
> You're referring to the full manual, texlive-en.tex?

Yes that's the full manual. My friends still have some problems when installing TeXLive, so the documents would help much.

> As you hopefully have seen, we try to keep it stable after the yearly
> update and ask for the translation updates, but it is inevitable
> that some small bugs are found as the release is finalized.  That's
> just life.

Yes I see. I will start to translate it :)

Thank you for the reply.


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