[tldoc] Translating with Poedit & git/svn

Anh K. Huynh kyanh at viettug.org
Sat Jun 18 06:53:07 CEST 2011


I am using a git-fork of svn://tug.org/texlive/trunk/Master/tlpkg/translations . The git repo. is put at http://github.com:viettug/tlpkg-translations . It helps, as I don't have access to the original repository. But during my translation sessions I've found that there are some problems with merging. My working style is as below

* Fetch changes from svn repository
* Merge changes onto my current branch
* Resolve conflicts if any
* Using poedit to translate some strings
* Commit my works to github
* Switch to other tasks (at my company, for example)
* Get some free time, and be back to the first step

As I should send to Karl my latest update, there are many differences between my work and the original source. And this causes problem when merging; it often takes me quite long time to check all translated strings.

I don't know any better way. If you know there is any good way to work with our project, using git or svn, please let me know. I myself suggest to use a public repository where the translators can commit code or submit patches more often. I see there is a TeXLive documents (in English) and I may translate it into Vietnamese, but my current work flow is a bit annoyed, IMHO.

Thanks for your helps.


Anh Ky Huynh @ ICT
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