[tldoc] Slovak translation of sk.po

"RNDr. Ján Buša CSc." jan.busa at tuke.sk
Sun Jun 12 19:23:33 CEST 2011

Dear Norbert,

please, find attached an actual version of sk.po file.

You have explained me, how to check it, running

tlmgr --something

but I cannot find your email. Sorry.

So I have not translated language strings


because I need some context for it.

Here I have two questions

1) should be here used capital letter?

2) is it here the name of the language (say
Arabic = Arabic language = arabčina (in slovak))
  or an attribute (as Arabic book = arabská kniha (in slovak),
  but Arabic horse = arabský kôň (different end letter))

Sincerely Yours


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