[tldoc] Missing messages in xx.po files

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jul 8 23:11:15 CEST 2010

Hi Nikola,

    > It seems that some messages are missing in the current xx.po files, at
    > least "filenames", "descriptions", "Platforms" and "Select platforms
    > to support".

    Maybe I don't understand the intentions, but it seems that r19095
    introduced "exit 0" after the first phase of the tl-update-messages
    script, effectively freezing .po files since then.

Thanks for finding my mistake (left over from testing).  Let me know if
strings are still missing.

    A portability note: mktemp(1) needs a template string on FreeBSD (like
    `mktemp XXXXXX'). Apart from that, the script works well with
    gettext-0.18 here.

Sorry, but I have no intention of trying to make our infrastructure
scripts robust against arbitrary platforms.  (Aside: requiring a
template arg seems like a poor interface.)  If you really want to run it
regularly (which I doubt), you'll have to have to make your own trivial
mktemp wrapper, or some other such solution.


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