[tldoc] Russian translation update

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Jan 16 09:09:17 CET 2010

On 16-1-2010 0:13, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Vladimir,
>      Small update (I notice wrong string in ru.po taken from svn).
> I installed it, thanks.
>      Also there were two messages from Karl Berry and Hans Hagen about
>      program translation, then is it so neccessary to
>      translate paper sizes?
> Norbert and I were not sure.
>      There are two strings: 'a4' and 'letter'.  AFAIK 'A4' is standard
>      name (according to wikipedia, this name in ISO216) and 'letter'
>      though isn't widely used in Russian but also a "standard" name.
> The question is not what the ISO says.  The question is what people
> really do in practice.  If people in non-English countries generally
> prefer the English strings "a4" and "letter" for paper sizes, sure, of
> course we can make them untranslatable.

in context one has multiple user interfaces but i never saw translations 
of for instance A4

also, as these things (in latex i guess) to package options it would be 
confusing to have something different in the gui unless of course the 
gui will be used to set up document styles as well

> If a Chinese person is writing about paper sizes, for example, do they
> really use those English strings?  Seems surprising to me.

afaik they mix chinese with latin in such cases


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