[tldoc] translating the program name?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Jan 12 09:13:05 CET 2010

On 12-1-2010 0:06, Karl Berry wrote:
> TL translation-interested folks --
> In the tlmgr gui, there is some text with the program name:
> "TeX Live Manager (GUIv2)".  Right now it's not translatable.
> Norbert and I are not sure if it's more confusing to have the name of
> the program always in English in the midst of otherwise-translated text,
> or to have a translated program name that doesn't actually appear
> anywhere else.
> Please advise.

keep the name as it is now ... it's also sort of an acronym ... also, 
translations might look funny

you just don't call a program 'ramen' (windows), 'fotowinkel' 
(photoshop) in dutch as it somehow sounds silly, as would 'levende tex 

also, it's one of the few words i'd understand in a polish talk about 
tex -)

(but i'd leave out the GUIv2 as it adds no info for the average user)


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