[tldoc] support dir gone

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Sep 14 00:22:11 CEST 2009

Sorry, but I had to make one more change to correspond to reality -- the
top-level TL support/ dir on the DVD is gone now, and Emacs+AucTeX for
w32 is in a different place.

--- texlive-en.tex	(revision 15266)
+++ texlive-en.tex	(working copy)
@@ -218,10 +218,6 @@
 \item[source] The source to all included programs, including the main \Webc{}
   \TeX{} and \MF{} distributions.
-\item[support] Various auxiliary packages and programs.  These are
-  \emph{not} installed automatically.  This includes
-  assorted editors and \TeX\ shells.
 \item[texmf] See \dirname{TEXMFMAIN} below.
 \item[texmf-dist] See \dirname{TEXMFDIST} below.
@@ -1269,9 +1265,9 @@
   \item \cmdname{GNU Emacs} is available natively under Windows, see
-  \item \cmdname{Emacs} with Auc\TeX\ for Windows is available in \TL's
-        \path{support} directory; its home page is
-        \url{http://www.gnu.org/software/auctex}.
+  \item \cmdname{Emacs} with Auc\TeX\ for Windows is available in
+        the directory \path{tlpkg/support} on the \TL \DVD; its home
+        page is \url{http://www.gnu.org/software/auctex}.
   \item \cmdname{LEd} is available from \url{http://www.ctan.org/support/LEd}.
   \item \cmdname{SciTE} is available from

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