[tldoc] offer of help with an install guide for the unsophisticated windows user

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jan 13 01:03:47 CET 2009

Hi Brian,

Thanks for writing.  

    He'd tried to install TeX Live by himself, but couldn't manage. 

Sorry to hear it.  It's supposed to be no harder than clicking "install"
(and perhaps changing the target directory), but I guess not.  I wish we
had a standard wizard.

    I'm happy to try my hand at writing up a guide to installation of
    TeX Live on Windows for the non-geek.

Great, thanks.

    2) Is there anything useful for me to be told about the form that 
    would be most useful to TeX Live

I envision this being a web page more than a TeX document, so I guess
(very simple) HTML?  Or just plain text.

I imagine it will be short, since anything long won't be accessible by
non-geeks anyway :), so putting it in different formats shouldn't
shouldn't be much of an issue.

    PS I tried to subscribe to the list, but I received no confirmation 
    message. So, please cc me in any replies for safety's sake.

Maybe it got filtered -- it sends out the usual automatic mailman
confirmation before subscribing you.  Anyway, I can add you if you want
to be on the list.  Not sure it matters much for this task ...

Thanks again,

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