[tldoc] translation start

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jul 18 03:18:47 CEST 2008

Besides the README files, if anyone would like to get started on the
main translation update, I've been through sections 1-5 (up to but not
including "managing your installation").  I expect this text to be
stable at this point, although suggestions are welcome, of course.  I
will finish the rest next week.

There are a lot of updates this year, probably more than any previous
year, because of the entirely reimplemented infrastructure.  So allow
for it to take some time.

On the other hand, please don't let it take too much time :).  We are
building the final binaries now, so updating the doc translations is now
the critical factor to make the release.

More technical details:

We rearranged the directories so that they are now all siblings.  THe
input files are here:

For diff purposes, the 2007 documentation is in the archive/ subdirectory
of .../texlive-en.

The current output for English is here:

The files are texlive-en.pdf and texlive-en.html.  

If you are updating the repository yourself, please rename your
translation to the appropriate texlive-??.tex name.  Our theory is that
this will make it easier for users to find the one they want.  It's also
fine to just email files to me ((g)zip them please), in which case I
will take care of the renaming.

My most major thanks to Siep, who did the bulk of the work to update the
doc (among many other things).

For anyone who may not have seen on the other lists, I'm going to be
away for a few days (back online Tuesday).


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