[tldoc] [tex-live] TL 2006 documentation

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Dec 13 02:52:01 CET 2006

    I have submitted my changes plus the corrections from Frank to the
    depot, now someone else can work through it.


When I run make pdf in Master/texmf-doc/source/german/texlive-ge, I get
errors, starting with \XeTeX being undefined
(I just used \def\XeTeX{Xe\TeX}, life is too short :), and continuing
with missing $ inserted at 
l.1124 ...reibt \dirname{\$TEXLIVE_INSTALL_PREFIX}
\dirname just uses \path, which is supposed to come from hyperref.  It
works in the English version.  (Maybe the german tex-live.sty should
input the English tex-live.sty and then make changes, instead of being
entirely its own thing.  Whatever ...)

If someone could look at this while I work on other things, that would
be great.

By the way, make html failed for me with the current tree on Daniel's
French translation update (works for English).  I'm not sure yet if it's
my problem or Eitan's.  So don't be surprised if make html fails too.


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