[tldoc] TeX Collection: Call for orders (first and last one)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Nov 16 23:16:29 CET 2004

    It seems that the documentation should reflect those changes :(
    TeX Collection is only on DVD, etc.

I think the doc is ok.  I tried to write it as generically as I could.
"TeX Collection" is a term describing the overall distribution as well
as the specific disc.  I see nothing wrong with saying the inst disc is
part of the TeX Collection, for example.

And the doc specifically says that user groups might decide to only
distribute some of the discs.

    Ps. Karl, sorry for beeing so late this year with the translation.
    I'm actually fighting with it, perhaps tomorrow...

Sounds good, looking forward to it :).

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