[tldoc] deletion corrections

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Nov 13 17:53:27 CET 2004

Daniel found two more errors in the TL documentation, which required
deleting a sentence and a half.  Hope it does not cause undue trouble.
Diff below, source at
as usual.

Looking forward to receiving everyone's translations soon.  (Can't give
an absolutely drop-dead final date -- it's kind of a chicken and egg
thing, since the updated doc is needed to publish ... so the sooner the
better, is all I can really say.  By Monday would be ideal.)


==== //depot/Master/texmf-doc/source/english/texlive-en/live.tex#13 - /home/karl/src/Master/texmf-doc/source/english/texlive-en/live.tex ====
@@ -240,8 +240,7 @@
   \cmdname{bzip2}-compressed tar archive. \\
 support    & Assorted auxiliary packages and programs.  These are
   \emph{not} installed automatically.  This includes
-  \cmdname{Ghostscript}, \cmdname{netpbm}, and assorted editors and
-  \TeX\ shells. \\
+  assorted editors and \TeX\ shells. \\
 texmf      & Tree for the programs, along with their support files and
   documentation.  Does not include \TeX\ formats and packages. \\
 texmf-dist & The main tree of formats and packages. \\
@@ -3685,8 +3684,7 @@
 \item The \TK\ has been expanded with the addition of a \MIKTEX-based
 installable \CD, for those who prefer that implementation to Web2C.
-Also, last year's demo \CD{} has been replaced by an installable Windows
-\CD{}.  See section~\ref{sec:struct-tl} (\p.\pageref{sec:struct-tl}).
+See section~\ref{sec:struct-tl} (\p.\pageref{sec:struct-tl}).
 \item Within \TL, the single large \dirname{texmf} tree of previous
 releases has been replaced by three: \dirname{texmf},

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