[tldoc] TL'04 doc ready for translating

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Oct 21 01:27:28 CEST 2004

Hi folks,

I've updated everything in the TeX Live documentation for this year --
except the Windows sections (which I have not touched), since we don't
know yet what changes will be needed.  I'm sure minor tweaks will be
needed in the rest, but hopefully nothing more.  I am not planning anything.

It would be very good to start working on the translations now, so that
we can release as soon as possible after Windows is there.  I am dearly
hoping it'll be out the door by mid-November.

You can get the new files from
The only files needed from there are live.tex and tex-live.sty.  The
Makefile I use is there too, it's pretty trivial.

In addition to those files, you'll need the images (not yet updated from
2003) in
Only the jpg's should be needed/used.

I switched to using Latin Modern this year, among a few other cosmetic
things.  If you find that other changes to the source or style file
would make things easier, please let me know.  The current English
source + style works in both TL 03 and TL 04 for me.  (For PDF output.)

For now, don't bother trying to make the HTML.  (Eitan Gurari and I are
working on getting tex4ht to do the right thing, it'll be there soon.)
Meanwhile, just stick to PDF.  Don't bother with DVI.

In addition to translating the main doc, there is the top-level README,
which I think is pretty much in its final form.  You can get that from
http://tug.org/texlive/devsrc/readme.html (HTML) and .../README.EN
(plain text, made with lynx).

If you don't have access to perforce or time to deal with it, you can
just send me the files and I will gladly check them in.

- Boris, will you be able to update the Russian this year?
- Janka and Petr, will you be able to do the Czech/Slovak?
- I see there are a number of people on the list I don't know.  Welcome,
  and any comments or other translations are appreciated :).

Let me know if any problems ...


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