[texdoc] Almost ready for v3.0!

Takuto ASAKURA tkt.asakura at gmail.com
Wed May 23 11:22:56 CEST 2018

Dear All,

the new version of Texdoc, v3.0, is almost ready to release.
New functions are already merged to the master branch of our
GitHub repository:

	https://github.com/TeX-Live/texdoc <https://github.com/TeX-Live/texdoc>

I also updated the README and other documentations in the
repository, and I believe it provides enough information
for you to test the new version!

There are two big features in Texdoc 3.0.


1. New option parser

Now, you can specify mutiple options like:

	$ texdoc -vsl foo

(this is equivalent to specifying "-v -s -l")

Please note that the behavior of the short option "-d" have
been changed. It *requires* an argument without "=", e.g.:

	$ texdoc -d score bar

(this is equivalent to specifying "--debug=score")

I added a new option "-D" as a short version of "--debug=all".
Please see the help text for more details.

2. Fuzzy search

When the normal search can't find any document in TeX Live,
Texdoc will execute fuzzy search on the list of package names
without user-interactions. The results of fuzzy search are
shown by "info" message.
(you can see that with the command line option "-v")

The default allowance of Levenshtein distance is 5.
You can change this default value by specifying "fuzzy_level"
in your texdoc.cnf:

	fuzzy_level = 3

If "fuzzy_level" set to 0, the feature will be disabled.


For the quick understanding, the slide I used for a talk in
BachoTeX 2018 is available from Speaker Deck:

	https://speakerdeck.com/wtsnjp/texdoc3 <https://speakerdeck.com/wtsnjp/texdoc3>

More detailed information can be found in the help text and
the documentation (texdoc.tex).

The only remaining tasks for releasing v3.0 is updating
documentations (mostly done) and further testing. In addition,
the release of Texdoc will be done via CTAN from now on.

I'm going to release v3.0 about in two weeks. If you are
interested in and have a time, please test the new features.
When you find any problems or bugs, please report that here
(the mailing list) or by using GitHub issues.

One more thing (IMPORTANT for distributors): from v3.0, we won't
include Data.tlpdb.lua (the pseudo cache file) in our repository.
If your distribution do not ship the tlpdb, you have to
pre-generate the pseudo cache file to make Texdoc workable.
To do this, tools/gen-datafiles would be helpful at this point.

Best regards,

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