[texdoc] Some small bugs and more

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Thu Nov 16 02:06:27 CET 2017

> suggesting that "texdoc --type=command enumerate" could look up the
> command/environment/whatever enumerate, instead of the package. And it
> would do so by invoking a separate program.
> What I was really thinking about was the existing source code to
> texdoc. Trying to somehow mangle that into also being a full-text

100% agreed, that was the idea of "plugin" (call it whatever you want).
Trying to get minimal code changes in texdoc to interface to other lua
code modules doing more search.

> I don't know how a line could be drawn ... -k

Someone has to write support ;-)

Anyway, as long as nobody tackles this it will remain a wishlist item.



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