[texdoc] Some small bugs and more

Paulo Roberto Massa Cereda cereda.paulo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 17:34:52 CET 2017

A newbie using a terminal? Sounds highly suspicious. :)

Personally, I am not sure if this is a feasible feature because a good 
index would require a lot of constant human intervention... I think texdoc 
would be better off focusing on plain, simple, documentation lookup (fuzzy 
or literal).

My two cents. :)



A 13 de novembro de 2017 1:12:39 PM, "Pathe Lists" <pathe.lists at gmx.com> 

> Yes, I mean "LaTeX2e: An unofficial reference manual".
> And yes, I propose this *only* for this manual.
> Because a newbie will think "hey, I need info about the 'include' command" 
> and "hey, I know the texdoc command", so he will type "texdoc include"... 
> and (I have just tried it) he will get the 'tikz include' manual, which 
> does not meet his need.
> An experienced user wouldn't do that: this is why I propose this *only* for 
> the basic commands which appear in the table of contents of "LaTeX2e: An 
> unofficial reference manual".
> Patrick
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> Subject: Re: [texdoc] Some small bugs and more
>> If texdoc starts interacting with the user, couldn't we help a newbie,
>> who would have been typing "texdoc label", with a reply such as "label
>> is described in the LaTeX2e manual ; please type 'texdoc latex2e' to
>> open it"?
> And how would we get a definitive list of "xxx" for each of the many
> documents "yyyyy" (in your case xxx=label, yyyyy=latex2e)?
> Should that be parsed from the PDF? From the .sty files? From the .dtx
> files?
> The only reasonable way would be that someone sits down and compiles a
> list by hand, but it will be very biased I guess.
>> It needs a keyword list (containing every command that appears in the
>> table of contents of the manual), and a feature replying, in case of a
>> match, "$1 is described in the LaTeX2e manual ; please type 'texdoc
>> latex2e' to open it".
> So do you propose this *only* for the latex manual? That should be
> doable by manually tweaking the texconf.cnf files by adding some alias
> statements.
> Furthermore, I guess you mean
> LaTeX2e: An unofficial reference manual
> right?
> Norbert
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