[texdoc] texdoc "german" etc. suggestion

Jürgen Spitzmüller juergen at spitzmueller.org
Fri Dec 20 08:40:13 CET 2013


I took over maintainership of babel-german (babel language definition files for 
German). I noticed that currently, texdoc german|ngerman open the (German) 
manual of [n]german.sty, a venerable standalone language package which has 
been somewhat superseeded by the German babel support. For austrian and 
naustrian, texdoc opens the babel manual, which does not contain any specific 
language informations anymore (the babel-german and all other babel-<lang> 
manuals have been stripped from the previous comprehensive babel manual).

Since I assume most people (still) use babel nowadays for German language 
support, I propose the following "top hits" for texdoc:

* german, austrian, swissgerman -> germanb.pdf
* ngerman, naustrian, nswissgerman -> ngermanb.pdf


PS. In case of question, please include my PM, as I am currently not 
subscribed to this list.

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