[texdoc] option names and verbosity

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Dec 2 23:31:46 CET 2008

    Juste one question: should I use -V for
    version and -v for verbose, 

I think it is more common to have -v for verbose and -V for version.

In particular, since tlmgr, install-tl, etc., use -v for verbose, I vote
that texdoc do that too.

    most users are a bit confused with things like TEXMFHOME the first
    time they see it


    Probably -v should include the output of -f, 

Thanks.  It would have helped me when trying to (re)figure out these
things when I moved computers recently.

    but I still think a separate -f will be less disturbing for some

Ok, sounds reasonable.


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